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Live, Love, Laugh and Let Go
The Bhakti Yoga Program - 2015

Friday, July 29th at 6:00 p.m. till Tuesday, August 2nd at 4:00 p.m.

This year we will incorporate the Life Is Beautiful Program as the initial part of the Live, Love, Laugh and Let Go program with the whole program running from Friday night till Tuesday afternoon.

Live, Love, Laugh and Let Go - The Bhakti Yoga Program is always unique and tailored to inspire those fortunate souls in attendance. Of course, chanting, yoga, breath work, guided relaxation and inner quest sessions will be there, along with fresh ways of bringing to life the great teachings of Bhakti Yoga. It is an opportunity of supported self-discovery not to be missed.

"This program always amazes me and I feel it is not I planning or conducting it. It is a happening led by the Grace of the Divine wherein spiritual awakening is the order of the day." - Divya Prabha

Course Fee: $600

Please register before July 15th to ensure your place in the program. Space is limited because of the size of our facility.

Led by Divya Prabha and Jo-Anne Cusack

Memories of the Bhakti Program

My time at Shining Bay has given me the deeply inspirational, devotional practices I have been craving. My yoga is now enriched with breath and song, my meditation spacious and endless. I have once again found the place of trust, guidance and surrender that comes with Bhakti Yoga which is so easy to lose in our fast-paced, busy lives.

I loved all the breath work and meditation, the balance of session time and free time. I appreciated the opportunity to 'open' on my own and in my own way without having a lot of sharing in a group.   A Yoga Teacher

* * *

This is a fantastic course. The setting is spectacular. You are plunged into the sacred, into an ocean of love. We watched a whale in the bay one morning, breaching and then diving back into the depths. When the tide ebbs you can walk on a small, sandy beach and the brave ones swim in the cool ocean waters. Meditation is such a space can be very deep.

Morning asanas were gentle, but powerful. The food was great. We spent a day in joyous silence. All was a seamless, splendid, transcendent whole.

* * *

As I drove out here, I thought about how beautiful and relaxing it was going to be at Shining Bay with all the glory of nature tickling my feet and my heart, while Divya provided for my soul with her presence and teachings. Being here, however, showed me that what I was expecting was only the ringing of the bell that led me, ever so lovingly and slowly inward, deeper and deeper to feel my own soul, my Lord reaching to touch me--my heart opened at Shining Bay and the sweet music in her song to me--I am your beloved and you are mine. You are worthy of me and I of you.

Thank you Divya for providing such a sacred space within and without. I felt accepted however I showed up and felt this space, you and the teachings you gave allowed me to come home to myself. Love, gratitide and a big smile...

* * *

It's a one of a kind experience! Divya is very sensitive to the group energy and with her own unique way of channelling her knowledge, her results are miraculous. Her intentions are pure and sincere, it comes directly from her heart and people feel safe, respected and loved deeply. It is a support that humans do not have enough of in their lives. There is a sense of harmony in this space that words cannot describe. Healing occurs in many forms and the best partof it is that the healing continues for the rest of the year.

* * *

A beautiful program awakening sleeping energies. A celebration of light, connectivity and Self. Restful sleep, awakened beauty, peace, Home.

* * *

For me it's been a place to relax, let go and love myself and others so deeply that you'll always want to come back. Such a beautiful encouraging space in which to recognize the beauty and guidance within--learning to go beyond the 'ego', limited mind, into a more loving, limitless way of being.

* * *

With the deep breathing, chants, transformative teachings and Divya's loving attentiveness to each of the participants, the process of deep healing and release of suffering happens in such a short time. I am deeply grateful.

* * *

A continual reminder of life as a gentle unfolding encompassing, graceful peace (inside and out) and awareness. Life is joy--celebration. A balance of practices to stimulate life moving through gently, supporting my inner being to open.

* * *

Deep rest and freedom from daily responsibilities. A sense of community and family feeling. A chance to make a much deeper connection with people. Lots of fun and laughter.

* * *

I found the inner wisdom to trust myself and my surroundings. My heart center has opened to overflowing, embracing all - big and small, all earth, water, space and time. I've learned to appreciate everything around me and to put my heart into everything.

My own being is finally being awakened to be listened to; it needs so much love as it has been neglected all these years. So ironic how I put everyone before me, but forget about myself ,yet I can only truly give love when I love myself. The silence was so expansive for me--nothing I've ever experienced before--how the thoughts truly go away when love and openness are present. I am finding it difficult to put into words all I have received as it is still expanding and letting go. I know I am not through processing and feel I will be for some time. The support of all those present and all our teachers were absolutely, wholeheartedly safe, filled with love and acceptance at all times no matter what arose. The love poured from all of us like a river. The laughter erupted when you least expected it and you soak in the joy of it.

* * *

It is hard for me to imagine myself as I was just five days ago when I arrived at Shining Bay. The serenity I feel now will carry me through for awhile and then, when the "stuff" of day to day life begins to creep in, I will take myself back here to this place and these people to live, love, laugh and let go again and again.

* * *

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