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image of people doing yoga on a lawn with shinning bay in the background

Welcome to the Shining Bay website for 2018.

All is well here in our beautiful cove and we are enjoying an unusually warm winter in our part of the country. Last summer, we’re glad to report that we had a whole new front put on the beloved old building, while maintaining its characteristic style, just adding a window over the door which brings in more light to the entryway.

Thus far, we haven’t made any plans for programs this summer as we are putting all our focus on recording a couple of CDs - one of soothing chants and another of some songs about the spiritual path and the healing power of Nature.

image of building for activites at shining bay yoga retreat

In the meantime, you can find me on Facebook if you wish to follow my public posts. I am also available for private spiritual counselling and music mentoring in person or on Skype by appointment.

Once the weather warms, we look forward to inviting you again to some more glorious Satsangs to share with you the joys of chanting.

Wishing you all the very best in life! Stay tuned!

Image of Divya Prabha spiritual teacher

Divya Prabha
Shining Bay Yoga Retreat
"On the path of Bhakti - the path of Divine Love and surrender to God, feelings are the very stuff of the path, the very firewood that creates the great bonfire of love for the Divine that gradually builds and consumes one’s heart in a blaze of light."

"Kirtan - The Art and Ecstasy of Chanting"

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