2016 Program Information

July 29th - 31st
Life is Beautiful - A Fresh Start

July 29th - August 2nd
Live, Love, Laugh and Let Go - The Bhakti Yoga Program


Life is Beautiful

Meditation is Not What You Think

Living at the Center of the Storm


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Shining Bay Information

About Shining Bay

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Namaste and warm greetings to all lovers of Shining Bay and to those new to the site.

From June 3 to 10th, we will again be hosting the final week of the Atlantic Yoga Teaching Training program's final residential week. The style of Kripalu Yoga, named after my Guru, Swami Kripalvananda of Gujarat, India, distinguished itself by originating the powerful concept of "posture flows" synchronizing movement and breath, which later was adopted by many other yogic paths.

We are happy to say that from July 29th till to 31st, we will be offering our program “LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL - A FRESH START” which attracts more seekers every year. Please note that because we have limited space, it is important to register early, as last year, we were unable to take all who applied. We will welcome old friends who find it a powerful chance for renewal, as well as those who find their way here for the first time. Each year, the program amazes and delights both participants and all concerned with the positive transformation this retreat always generates.

image of building for activites at shining bay yoga retreat

The “LIVE, LOVE, LAUGH AND LET GO - BHAKTI YOGA PROGRAM” will include the LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL program from Friday night till Sunday afternoon, and then extend for two more days, concluding at 3:00 p.m. on Tuesday afternoon on the 2nd of August. This powerful program allows you to get even more deeply in touch with your innate joy, love, strength and wisdom. Chanting will certainly be a major component of this program.

We are glad to say we have finally released my book called "KIRTAN -THE ART AND ECSTASY OF CHANTING which is now available on Amazon.

Once again we will be delighted to serve you here at Shining Bay and to share with you the peace and tranquility of this beautiful place which is so conducive to spiritual awakening.

Image of Divya Prabha spiritual teacher

Divya Prabha
Shining Bay Yoga Retreat
"On the path of Bhakti - the path of Divine Love and surrender to God, feelings are the very stuff of the path, the very firewood that creates the great bonfire of love for the Divine that gradually builds and consumes one’s heart in a blaze of light."

"Kirtan - The Art and Ecstasy of Chanting"

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